Celestial – Anime Champions Simulator Cheat

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How To Get Celestial Quirk

The Celestial Quirk is an impressive and multifaceted power that enables its user to absorb, stockpile, manipulate, and shape cosmic energy (from space, galaxies, stars and planets). This energy can then be used for any number of purposes including weapon generation for others as well as healing wounds caused by attacks or even revive fallen allies. Unfortunately it has one weakness; overheating could occur if too much energy is taken in quickly – although this can be mitigated through training.

Acquiring the Celestial quirk requires hard work and perseverance from players. Players will need to reroll until they acquire it – an effort which may prove fruitful in the end! To reroll, head to Pirate Town or Champions Town’s Magic Tree and repair it using Hero Medals from Hero Academy (for heroes) or Bizarre Medals from JoJo. Once repaired, go back into Quirk interface and select Reroll with Celestial as desired quirk and choose from available champions to select one!

Celestial is the highest tier quirk available in Anime Champions Simulator and boasts some impressive stat boosts that include a 1.6 DMG increase, 30% increased critical chance, 2x boss damage, 2x attack speed and 4x move speed; comparable with high tier quirks like Assassin, Black Hole, Titan etc. With these statistics at their disposal this quirk makes for one of the best options when grinding and defeating powerful bosses in game.

Celestial Quirk Reroll

Anime Champions Simulator requires you to do some grinding if you wish to unlock the Celestial Quirk, as it requires an impressive amount of medals. These medals can be earned by defeating powerful characters or by completing Raids; alternatively, use the Reroll feature to increase your odds of obtaining it!

The Celestial Quirk offers many stats, such as 1.6x DMG, 30% CRIT Chance and 2x Boss Damage. This unique boost can make an enormous difference late game! To obtain this quirk you must visit the Reroll location and choose one champion to reroll; once done so click Auto Reroll option for automatic reroll.

Rerolling Quirks on your champion until you get what you want can be both time consuming and costly in terms of medals, but ultimately worth your while in the end. If Celestial Quirk is still beyond reach, simply try again after some days, making sure that there are enough medals to continue rerolling! Don’t forget our Anime Champions Simulator Codes and Trello Page to receive free boosts and yen!

Celestial Quirk Code

Celestial is a Quirk that gives its user abilities related to astronomical objects like meteors, comets and stars. By controlling and manipulating these heavenly bodies for both offensive and defensive use – not forgetting its healing capabilities which make this Quirk useful in both healing and repairing damage sustained from attacks; its powers being powered by starlight requires spending time outdoors at night but over-using this power will sap vitality quickly, leaving users tired out and vulnerable against attacks.

The Celestial Quirk provides powerful boosts, such as an increase of 1.6 DMG and 30 per cent increased Crit Chance, 2x Boss DMG and 4x Move Speed – making it a welcome addition to any team in the game. To unlock it, players must collect Hero Medals from Hero Academy and Bizarre Medals from JoJo – these can be earned by defeating strong characters within the game or by completing Raids successfully.

Celestial Quirk Hack

Users have the power to create and control intergalactic matter such as stars and space dust, shaping it into powerful weapons or using it for research. Unfortunately, this power consumes significant energy, necessitating conscious activation from within themselves which may leave users feeling faint or queasy.

This quirk allows users to shoot beams from any part of their body, including soles of feet and palms (for advanced users). For pinpoint targeting, lensed shoe soles or glove palms may be worn for greater accuracy in aiming beams more precisely. It is the most powerful quirk, capable of long-range attacks as well as short range.

The user can create a bridge that will only be visible to them and certain others of their choosing, enabling them to walk across it easily; although activating their quirk is necessary. They can also absorb regular rocks into their belt and use them as weapons; although again activation must occur for this to work effectively – which may cause faintness, nausea and tiredness for the user.