How to Download Hacks For Minecraft Cracked 1.14.4

Hacked clients offer you an edge when playing Minecraft 1.14.4. In this article, we’ll take a look at some of the best open source and free hacked clients available for Minecraft 1.14.4.

BleachHack is an exceptional client offering both PvP and utility hacks for use with various games, including AutoParkour, ArrowJuke and Xray modules. Additionally, its updates are regular.


LiquidBounce is a hacked client for Minecraft that gives you considerable advantages over other players. It’s free, open source, compatible with Forge and supports the latest versions of Minecraft; installation can either be performed via custom launcher or manually; though using a launcher takes care of updating automatically with each version update.

LiquidBounce ScriptAPI is a scripting engine that enables players to run JavaScript code within Minecraft. Based on Nashorn, an ECMAScript engine that processes Java bytecode directly for processing, its primary benefit lies in accessing Java classes directly allowing many problems to be addressed exactly the same way through LiquidBounce as they would through regular Java bytecode programming.

This plugin contains several modules that enable users to take advantage of in-game bugs and exploits, some useful in PvP mode and other modes while others purely for entertainment. Some popular examples include:

LiquidBounce may contain hacks which violate server-specific rules, so it’s wise to only utilize them with good cause. For instance, on servers which enable anti-cheat functionality only allow certain mods (ie anti-cheat bypass mods). If in doubt about whether a particular hack is safe to use or use in general then feel free to seek guidance on our forums for advice or ask for help from friends online.

LiquidBounce is compatible with Fabric’s modding API, so you can install other mods with it. To do this, download and place the Fabric launcher in your Minecraft directory’s “mods” folder; load Fabric by selecting its profile inside Minecraft launcher and pressing Play; you should see your list of mods displayed there, where you can select LiquidBounce to install. Keep in mind it is still under development so please use with caution; check out its documentation or tutorials for more details.



Aristois is a Minecraft hack client offering various useful mods that will assist your gameplay. It features an intuitive and user-friendly interface with multiple modules available, compatible with forge and Fabric and suitable for anarchy servers alike. Furthermore, Aristois features a special in-game chat feature to connect with players from around the globe.

Aristois features simple hotkeys and an intuitive GUI, making it simple for newcomers to use. Customization settings for each module allow for personal gaming style customization; an active and supportive community of Aristois users helps ensure the client remains up-to-date and bug-free.

Aristois client features many tools that will enhance your game, such as the Spider Climber that lets you quickly climb walls; Water Jumper for faster movement on water bodies; and Trajectory Maker – essential tool for archers!

Aristois offers several other features designed to enhance your gaming experience, such as ChestESP which lets you see chests hidden in walls and piston crates as well as fast break modules making block breaking simpler and FightBot which automatically fights for you and even cracks other people’s AuthMe passwords – though using any hack client may violate server rules!

Download (double click jar to run installer):


Wurst is an easy and safe Minecraft hack client designed for use with the most current versions of Minecraft, featuring anti-cheat protection and auto updates. Compatible with most operating systems and simple installation and use – unlike most other hack clients that require root access for operation – Wurst’s aim is to help players level quickly while improving performance in PvP, Survival, BedWars SkyWars or any other game mode.

To download the Wurst hacked client, visit its official website and look for a link that says “Download”, typically displayed prominently on either its homepage or an area designated specifically for downloads. Once you find such a link, follow it to a download page and choose your version according to which version matches up with your Minecraft release; keep in mind if playing on servers that require specific versions, as these must also be specified here.

The Wurst Client stands out by saving alts in an encrypted format, making them more resistant to viruses and thieves looking to get their hands on them. Furthermore, it regularly scans for known bugs and security issues that make attacks from hackers less likely. Furthermore, it has zero false positives on VirusTotal and is regularly scanned with 60+ different antivirus programs (Kaspersky BitDefender MalwareBytes Windows Defender among many more).

Wurst’s Keybind Manager provides players with superior keybinding functionality not available elsewhere, enabling them to customize keybinds that toggle hacks or run commands at the press of a button. Keybinds can also be managed in-game via chat or the Navigator GUI; however, its interface and functionality is much simpler when managed through Wurst’s interface.

Wurst is an ideal client for Minecraft servers that feature strong anticheat systems, offering easy installation and use without cost or restrictions. Furthermore, its use doesn’t pose any major security threats or Forge issues – all important considerations when looking at potential clients for use on servers with anticheat protection.



BLEACHHack is an innovative new client for Minecraft that provides access to exclusive hacks that cannot be found elsewhere. Featuring an intuitive and user-friendly interface and numerous customization features – including setting which hacks you wish to enable and how sensitively they should respond – BLEACHHack makes for an exciting gaming experience!

The latest update of BleachHack adds several changes to gameplay, most significantly with regards to player stats system revamp. It now makes it easier for you to keep an eye on your current level and other pertinent information so as to make better informed decisions and increase skill. Furthermore, new armors, blocks, items and features have also been introduced; Hueco Mundo dimension plans to expand in future will also be updated with this development.

This free and straightforward client is simple and user-friendly, featuring plenty of PvP and utility hacks aimed at keeping up with anarchy’s latest features. These hacks include AutoParkour, AutoSteal and ArrowJuke (AutoParkour automatically jumps you at edge blocks while AutoSteal helps gain content from chests). ArrowJuke helps ward off incoming arrows from other players; other hacks include AutoArmor, BoatFly and TrueSight as well as ArrowJuke!). Additionally these hacks also frequently updated.



  1. Download Fabric, look up a tutorial if you don’t know how.
  2. Download the version of BleachHack you want.
  3. If you get redirected to the site, click the skip button in the top right to continue to the download.
  4. Put the jar you downloaded in your mods folder.
  5. Run the game, if the BleachHack main menu appears it loaded successfully.