Minecraft Ellie Mod Download – Add a New Companion to Your Adventures

Minecraft Ellie Mod is an addon that will enhance and diversify your sandbox world with friendly characters that provide more fun for you to explore and conquer. It adds the element of familial support into the mix!

This app meets Google Play content guidelines and is safe for use.

Explore new biomes that offer unique resources and creatures, defeat custom mobs, and test your combat skills against challenging foes.


Minecraft Ellie Mod Download adds an exciting companion to your game, making the journey in Minecraft even more engaging. Furthermore, it enables you to build real relationships through friendly families in-game. Jenny and her friends provide you with company on this enthralling journey as your journey becomes even more meaningful and purposeful.

This mod features not only Jenny but also an array of custom items and creatures for use in your world. Utilizing these will enable faster progression through the game while improving gameplay experience. Furthermore, there are unique biomes to explore new landscapes while discovering dungeons or temples which add additional challenge.

Ellie Mod also adds new blocks that allow players to craft unique weapons and items, upgrade your arsenal and customize its appearance, defeat enemies more effectively and increase combat abilities through new weapon stances and attacks.

The Ellie Mod is an unofficial modification for Minecraft that adds adult-oriented content and simulates mature interactions through custom animations. It provides adults with an enjoyable gaming experience without being suitable for children under 13.

This unofficial app is not associated with Mojang AB; therefore, all rights to the Minecraft name, trademark and assets belong to them exclusively. While downloading and using this addon are free to do, please be aware that third-party addons could cause issues with existing installations of Minecraft; we strongly advise backing up game files prior to installing this addon as we cannot be held liable for any data loss or device damage that might occur with its installation. For any questions or assistance with regard to our addon please reach out – we would be more than happy to assist!


As any Minecraft player knows, having friendly family around you is invaluable in protecting against dangers and providing much-needed support in difficult times. Now with Ellie Mod, you can add an intelligent female companion who will join in your adventures, providing company as you seek survival – making life in Minecraft that much sweeter! This mod adds another layer of meaning and adventure.

The Ellie Jenny Mod is an effective way to customize your MCPE experience and adds an entirely new character – a female companion – into the game, adding her unique look and clothing style. In addition, her home will include a bed dedicated solely for her use.

Players can issue orders to the girl by right-clicking her image. She will follow those orders, although her capricious nature means she might refuse certain tasks; should this happen, players must present her with something of value such as an emerald to reward her and keep her compliant.

To experience Ellie Jenny Mod in full screen mode on PC, an Android emulator will be required. There are various available solutions such as LDPlayer which allows Android games to run on computers; its simple user interface makes this ideal for novice and experienced gamers alike.

Ellie Jenny Mod for Minecraft PE can be downloaded and used freely, yet certain features can only be unlocked with premium membership. These include new achievements as well as skins and textures. Furthermore, premium membership gives access to improved performance with increased FPS rates.

This app is not officially associated with Mojang AB and should not be considered part of their product line. Any trademarks and copyrights belong to their respective owners; all trademarks and copyrights belong solely to them. Distributed under the “Mods Inside” banner, this application contains mods which can be installed directly into Minecraft games.

Forge Download: https://files.minecraftforge.net/net/minecraftforge/forge/index_1.12.2.html

Mod Download: https://mega.nz/file/mc0lXSqB#gfPQilYGhv59h9mJBrJUMLHm4_BLcyagcC6CsUq_Zc0


Minecraft PE’s worlds are home to an abundance of life forms that range from friendly creatures that can be won over and trained into reliable allies to dangerous mobs that pose threats. While most encounters between enemies occur through various encounters that require battle to defeat, players may also form bonds beyond mere survival with certain ones that lead to exploration or create unbreakable friendships that span beyond its pixels.

Ellie Jenny Mod Minecraft PE brings two fearless and adventurous companions into your world of exploration, offering new levels of camaraderie as you traverse vast terrains and experience the Pixelated World. Additionally, this mod provides many useful items and tools designed to assist players as they face harsh environments of survival in Minecraft PE.

Before using this mod, it’s essential that your device meets its requirements. MuMu Player is an Android emulator capable of running mobile games smoothly on PCs with low memory usage and high FPS – ideal for hard-core mobile gamers looking to experience their favorite titles without draining battery life too quickly!

The Ellie Jenny Mod is an adult-themed mod that adds an adult-oriented girlfriend character into Minecraft PE versions 1.2.2 and later, and should only be used by adults. You can download it directly from its official mod website before following its instructions for installation on its installation page. Please contact its developer if you require more information.


MCPE Ellie Mod is an add-on that allows players to bring a female character known as Ellie into their Minecraft PE worlds, not as an NPC but instead a companion that follows you around offering protection and assistance with various tasks. Ellie differs from existing characters with her distinct body features and unabashedly provocative clothing style – offering protection from enemies while helping complete various tasks. There are two versions of this mod available, both being summoned using Summoning Eggs found within Inventory.

Contrary to other Minecraft PE mods, this one does not require additional permissions or installations; however, it may not run on certain devices due to hardware restrictions or interference from other mods. If this occurs for you, try installing it using an Android emulator like LDPlayer; these programs will enable you to play your favourite games on PC with enhanced performance and graphics.

This mod adds several features that will make Minecraft PE even more exciting and engaging, such as new biomes featuring unique flora and fauna, custom mobs, dungeons to explore and structures such as temples and ruins – all played from first person perspective with touchscreen controls for navigation through its world.

Note that this mod is intended for adults only and should not be used by children. Though it is safe and harmless, players should be mindful of any adult content it might contain.

Ellie Mod is an effective way to add more excitement and depth to Minecraft PE, providing a welcome change for players tired of the same-old gameplay. Add this mod and enjoy an infinite world of possibilities with the addition of your girlfriend!

Additionally, this mod allows you to give your girlfriend items like emeralds. This will increase their loyalty and make her more willing to follow your orders. Eventually you could make her your wife and have children together!