One Piece Mod Download

Minecraft Bedrock Edition has long been an arena for creativity, but modding community members have elevated this edition even further by adding One Piece characters, Devil Fruits and other elements from its world seamlessly into this addon.

According to the plot of an anime series, ordinary people can gain supernatural abilities by eating various devil fruits. This addon allows you to search your world for such fruits.


Evolve is an addon for Minecraft PE which enables players to experience the world of One Piece without leaving their blocky dimension. Created by YouTuber Asa, this exciting modpack offers players an immersive pirate adventure. Among its numerous innovations are new bosses inspired by characters from One Piece anime series as well as unique abilities designed specifically to combat them.

Evolve is more than just new enemies; it also introduces familiar heroes that will help you fight them off more easily. They will appear throughout your world and protect you from any danger. In addition, Evolve also includes several new weapons designed to make this easier than ever!

Evolve offers some special weapons that add an aura of menace when attacking opponents, making your attacks even more potent and making this an indispensable addition for fans of One Piece’s world.

This mod is fully compatible with both Creative and Survival modes of Minecraft, making installation quick and hassle-free; additionally, its presence will not interfere with your current game; any time. Furthermore, new weapons can be disabled at your convenience.

This addon is essential for fans of the One Piece universe and brings their story directly into Minecraft Bedrock Edition. It works seamlessly with the base game and features many characters, Devil Fruits, weapons, NPCs and animations when fighting enemies; additionally it comes equipped with particle effects when combatting foes! Furthermore, its creators continue to improve it with new features being regularly implemented!


Minecraft offers an assortment of different characters, but the most recognizable are Steve, Notch, Jeb and Herobrine. Although these four can make good starting points for designing unique antagonists with memorable personalities that inspire fear in players.

This mod brings the world of One Piece into Minecraft PE, complete with new weapons, blocks and mobs from its manga/anime series. Additionally, a special reputation system based on strength determines your strength as it impacts item abilities. Furthermore, Navalmord and Fufuterra from its plot have also been recreated as new locations.

One of the best features of this mod is that it enables you to become one of your favorite anime series’ characters, complete with their various attacks such as whitebeard swordsman’s spear piercering technique. Some attacks require holding down an attack button while others can be completed with just one click.

As such, this mod creates more intriguing mobs than standard Minecraft monsters; they spawn in packs and battle each other, plus there are unique fruits that provide special abilities – making for a truly spectacular story in Minecraft PE.

If you want to experience the world of One Piece in Minecraft Bedrock, this mod may be just what you’re looking for. Its creator put forth great care and creativity into bringing its universe to Minecraft PE, where you can play together with your friends for an adventure-filled gaming session! Furthermore, the mod provides a brand new map featuring various missions and objectives.

Devil Fruits

The One Piece Mod Minecraft PE allows players to create their favorite anime characters and equip them with abilities they utilize in the anime series. It features Devil Fruits that give users magical powers that protect against enemies; additionally, its features famous attacks from the series such as freezing enemies or turning them into stones.

There are three varieties of Devil Fruit: Paramecia, Logia and Zoan. Each offers unique powers; with the rarest type being Zoan which grants users with transformation capabilities. Although these fruits give users special abilities they don’t make them invincible; for optimal safety training to a high level and using powers effectively is necessary in order to stay safe with these powers.

Additionally to their basic abilities, some Devil Fruits possess unique traits that alter how they operate. For instance, users of Sand-Sand Devil Fruit are susceptible to water, while those wielding Crocodile Devil Fruit can transform into giant crocodiles at will and create tornadoes and fire with them. Otherwise, their power depends on how strong and creative their user is.

Whitebeard’s Paramecia-type fruit, used by him to generate shockwaves and alter people and objects’ appearance before levitating them, and even teleport them is perhaps the most famous example of Devil Fruits. Another well-known version is Nikyu Nikyu no Mi, granting Bartholomew Kuma cat-like paws with which he can manipulate objects more effectively.


Weapons in Minecraft can be used to kill mobs, with each weapon having different purposes and capabilities. Weapons may be enhanced with magical properties for increased damage output or special abilities; upgrades may also be available when procuring the appropriate materials, smithing stones and tables are acquired.

Weapons can be divided into three main categories: melee weapons such as swords, shields, staves and axes are ideal for close combat; ranged weapons like bows and arrows can be effective at attacking foes from distance; while grenades are great at penetrating floors and walls and attacking distant targets from a distance. Each weapon requires meeting certain strength requirements before becoming effective – this must happen before you can power up or upgrade its damage level as levels increase.

Some weapons possess unique capabilities, like the Boost Machinegun which fires an unending stream of bullets that can strike fear into multiple enemies in its path. Unfortunately, however, its main drawbacks include low ammunition reserve and poor accuracy; though this latter issue can be mitigated somewhat by its ability to fire through walls and blocks (though only up to certain limits).

Though not without drawbacks, the Boost Machinegun can still serve as an invaluable support weapon if you possess both a smithing table and alcohol. Consumed alcohol can be returned using the workbench on upgraded weapons; its return depends on how many upgrades were removed or de-enchanted before consumption; an easy way to do so is placing a weapon on it on a workbench and pressing C with “Re-Enchant Tool”.

Creative Mode

Creative Mode is one of several game modes players can select when playing Minecraft, providing unlimited blocks and items without fear of mob attacks or hunger pangs. Furthermore, players in Creative Mode enjoy infinite health without experiencing hunger pangs; furthermore this mode enables instant destruction of any block, including those normally indestructible like bedrock and the Overworld; it even gives the ability to fly by double tapping any jump key (E on PC; A on Xbox; the jump button in Pocket Edition).

In addition to the usual in-game interface, this mode introduces a unique UI which displays all items and blocks available within a player’s radius. By clicking on it, players can select items to place or destroy. When clicked upon by players, a toolbar appears which gives access to various commands which alter game play: giving away items, teleporting structures quickly or changing time zones are all possibilities that exist here.

However, the mod does have some issues that need addressing. For example, placing each block requires an individual mouse click – something which can become tedious when drawing large buildings or complex structures. It would be more efficient for players to be able to hold down left mouse button while placing instances along a grid in a similar fashion to how building works in main game games.