Soopyv2 Mod Hypixel Skyblock

Soopyv2 Mod For Hypixel Skyblock

Soopyv2 is a mod for Hypixel Skyblock which adds many quality-of-life features, such as Worm/Scatha Spawn Chat Message (toggle, DinkDonk when one spawns) or Worm / Scatha Spawn Alerts (when an enemy appears).

Crystal Hollows (CH) Waypoints – Toggle and sync Crystal Hollows waypoints with all Soopy users.

Thank you ComplexOrigin and Flonja for integrating their map features! The blaze room solver works great.

Soopy Mod contains many features designed to improve player experience. Some notable ones are:

Display other users’ Eman boss locations if they have enabled the Eman Bosr category in their Soopy profile.

Display the current and upcoming Crystal Hollows event. This setting syncs across all soopy users who have this setting enabled.

Displays an ordered line of waypoints alphabetically ordered; helpful for quickly selecting which waypoint to visit first.

Soopyv2 is an advanced Chattriggers module for Hypixel Skyblock that adds numerous quality of life features, as well as being installed via CurseForge using this link:

This download will automatically install Chattriggers module and optimize performance by rendering things in Java rather than relying on ChatTriggers to do it. Furthermore, versioning will keep the forge file stable by protecting against accidentally overwriting by newer versions of ChatTriggers mod.

Soopyv2 would not exist without the generosity of many in the Hypixel community. Many individuals have contributed towards its development by helping with features like mapping and room solving tools; ComplexOrigin in particular provided his assistance with mapping while Flonja contributed significantly with her dungeon features work. Donations would certainly help towards continued advancement – any donation would be much appreciated!
Getting Started

Soopy is a chattriggers module that adds many quality of life features to the game, such as showing a DinkDonk and title when worms or scathas spawn, pet drop alerts and more. Furthermore, Soopy allows all Soopy users to sync Crystal Hollows (CH) Waypoints between themselves as well as offering many other exciting features like Blaze Room Solver and Map Preview!

Special thanks go out to ComplexOrigin, Flonja and Vals for helping with this mod.


Forge Download:

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