Minecraft Hacked Client

A Minecraft hacked client, also known as a cheat client, provides modules which give an advantage in PvP or gameplay. They do not fall under Mojang’s purview and usually break rules on non-anarchy servers.

Please be aware that using an illegal client may result in you being banned from 2b2t. Be wary when downloading clients from untrustworthy sources.

2. 1.18 Meteor

Minecraft is an immersive block-based adventure game, offering players the freedom to discover, create and embark on exciting adventures in its block-based universe. However, its open-ended nature can be daunting for those without sufficient skills or resources for fast advancement. Thankfully, several hacked clients exist that provide numerous hacks designed to make playing Minecraft simpler; such as killing mobs instantly or seeing ore troves and being able to steal chest contents.

BleachHack is an unofficial client that features various modules, such as AutoParkour, AutoSteal, ArrowJuke and SpeedMine. Furthermore, it claims to regularly update itself with any anarchy features that come out.

Installing the Fabric Client requires downloading it from its official website and moving it into your.minecraft folder’s mods directory. After moving, launch MultiMC, PolyMC or PrismLauncher and select Fabric in the edit instance window before clicking Launch to launch the game. To temporarily disable Fabric in game you can adjust its settings in its configuration menu; however it should be noted that it may conflict with some loaders and could potentially violate server rules.



Minecraft Launcher

If you already have Fabric Loader installed, skip to step 4.

  1. Download the Fabric installer and run it.
  2. Make sure the correct Minecraft version is selected, the path to your .minecraft folder is correct, and create profile is checked.
  3. Click Install and then wait for the process to complete.
  4. Open your .minecraft folder and create a folder within it called mods if it does not exist already.
  5. Go to where you downloaded Meteor and drag the jar file into the mods folder.
    Note: If the file appears to be a zip because of winrar, or the icon is missing, ignore that as it is still a jar
  6. Open the Minecraft Launcher and select the Fabric profile.
  7. Thats it, just click Launch to start up Meteor.

3. 1.18 Wurst

Wurst is an amazing hack client that allows players to take advantage of various cheats. These include God Mode (Flying), Item ESP and AutoEat; additionally it features a navigator which displays frequently used functions at the top, making it easier for experienced players to locate them quickly.

This mod is free and compatible with Windows, Mac and Linux platforms. However, for optimal results it’s recommended to follow the official installation guide – make sure that you select the version suitable for your Minecraft release, install Fabric and API prior to installing Wurst and follow any specific steps as outlined by them for installation.

If you’re experiencing errors when using a mod, this is likely the result of improper installation. Carefully read over the filenames within your mod folder to ensure you have installed it correctly; also if you see an error message such as “Incompatible Mod Set!” this could indicate your GAME DIRECTORY setting has been altered improperly.

Some servers employ sophisticated anti-cheat plugins which detect Wurst immediately and may ban you for its use; therefore it is wise to only play on servers which permit its usage.




  1. Install Fabric (Loader).
  2. Add Fabric (API) to your mods folder.
  3. Add Wurst to your mods folder.

If you need more details or run into problems, check this tutorial.

4. 1.18 Hydra

JAM Hacked Client is a Minecraft mod that serves as an effective hack for the game, bypassing many obstacles encountered during gameplay. It was designed to provide more options while working across both multiplayer and single player modes; currently one of the best hacking clients on offer today.

This Minecraft Cheat Mod is an invaluable tool that gives you full control over multiple aspects of the game, from its graphics and gameplay to providing new monsters, quests, and features that enhance your gaming experience. Installing and using this mod are both quick and straightforward processes – working equally well on both Macs and Windows computers!

Hydra is a multi-headed dragon with multiple heads that spew toxic venom. Hydras are typically born with three heads but may eventually grow up to nine. Their lairs consist of small mounds of dirt with signs reading “Hydra Lair”.

The client comes complete with numerous useful modules, such as AutoTotem, BetterChat, CrystalAura Killaura AutoArmor Boatfly and SpeedMine. Frequently updated by its developers with new features and fixes; its user-friendly interface enables them to select which modules they would like to utilize.



5. 1.18 SalHack

Minecraft hacked clients, sometimes called cheat clients or utility mods, provide modified versions of the game with modules (known as hacks ) not found in its vanilla form. Utilizing clients can give players an edge over other players and is typically prohibited on most servers with 2b2t rules.

Even though hacked clients may be found online, they tend to come from unknown or dubious websites and could contain malware such as RAT or token logger. Therefore, users should exercise extreme caution when downloading hacked clients – and never open links posted within 2b2t server chat or unaffiliated discord servers for their download.

There have been various popular hacked clients for Minecraft in the past that remain active today; some are still in development while others have been discontinued. One such open-source continuation is KAMI Blue; it provides regular updates of the now defunct KAMI client and features a stunningly visionary plugin system which enables the hot-loading of advanced utility modules without reloading Minecraft itself. Other popular clients include Boze, Aristois Wolfram Nodus with special functions like chat spammer or alt dispenser built into them as well.

6. 1.18 Lambda

Lambda is a hosted service designed to enable developers to run code instantly in the cloud. Available across any region and platform, this service allows you to run code at will using various programming languages and platforms. Various software development kits, Integrated Development Environment toolkits and command-line tools can access its API; signature version 4 authentication provides authentication of API requests.

Lambda is not a hack or modified client; rather it works like other utility mods such as OptiFine to give you significant advantages over other players. Please be wary when considering its use; some servers may consider this against the rules. Features of Lambda include being able to disable hunger and swap chestplate for an elytra. Furthermore, breaking open chests for obsidian can also be disabled if desired.



Salhack is a forge mod for 1.12.2. We provide already pre build jar files on our release page. To use salhack just drop the jar file in your mods folder and start forge. Have fun!

7. 1.18 Gamesense

As soon as a game updates, its community divides into two camps – casual players who barely notice any differences and scrimmers who will spend months adapting. Unfortunately, one recent update did something that both divided and broke scrimming: it removed support for version 1.18 – an optimized version which could compete with big anarchy servers and pvp servers; its client comes equipped with gamesense which features fast ping times with decent settings, protects feet with obsidian to prevent end crystal attacks, and surroundss them in obsidian, thus becoming an essential life saver when configured correctly.

Add more functionality and customize your gaming experience without breaking the bank! However, be aware that some servers do not permit this type of mod as it’s considered “hacked.” Other similar clients such as Impact exist but don’t provide as many features and require registration on a website requiring your email address; thus making this option riskier than its counterparts on this list but still works effectively and can offer more polished and customizable experience for you.